Theresa Augustin, PMP

My mission is to love, learn, and have fun.
And leave the earth a little better than how I found it.

Technical Project Management Consulting

Professionally, I work with enterprise level teams as a technical program manager. Often wearing the hat of a business analyst, I am able to understand big pictures that drive business growth and decompose those visions to technical requirements and collaboratively work with technologists to implement in fun projects.

Marketing Technology Advisors

Marketing technology strategic liaisons providing digital transformation for growth-stage companies.

Pear Collective

Supporting local, regenerative ideas and businesses with design and technical implementations. Collective software development agency.


Theresa utilizes her organizational development skills with local, community organizations. Providing leadership through project management, e-marketing and an encouraging attitude, Theresa aligns with groups that share values. Common missions include bicycles, regenerative economies, Women and Trans empowerment, and cross-generational mentoring.

Akron Promise

Akron Promise removes barriers to educational attainment, workforce participation, and economic mobility for each student in Akron Public Schools by connecting students and families to appropriate supports, resources, and opportunities. Theresa provides marketing strategy, project management and mentorship.

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) - Northeast Ohio Chapter

WiCyS helps build a strong cybersecurity workforce with gender equality by facilitating recruitment, retention and advancement for women in the field. Theresa is the events coordinator for the Northeast Ohio Affiliate Chapter.

Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC)

OCBC is a riding and repair center dedicated to helping people use bikes. Theresa served on the OCBC Board of Directors for 6 years and is an advocate for affordable, efficient transportation and mechnical training.

Radical Adventure Riders

A movement towards gender inclusivity and racial equity in cycling and the outdoors. Theresa is a chapter leader with RAR Northeast Ohio.

Tetalula Adventures

Adventure gear sales and service, Adventure bicycle touring route design and support, training and advice. In collaboration with community organizations.

Teta Real Estate

Listing Management and Property Management for Short-Term Rentals and Event Venues. In collaboration with local venues.

Let's Collaborate

Theresa values Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for personal and social change. The four components of nonviolent communication are Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request (OFNR). These components help individuals express themselves without judgment, recognize their feelings and needs, and make clear, positive requests.